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Floating Resort

Khao Sok Raft House & Float Resort, Khao Sok, Surat Thani Thailand

Sai Chol Raft House Resort 1 of 5 accommodations at Cheowlan Lake located in Khlong Long. The distance of a guided cruise from the tourist pier Coming to Sai Chol Raft House Resort, about 20 kilometers, takes 1 hour to travel, which is not too much time, not too little time. Until admiring various views Both sides of the Cheow Lan Dam are not covered. Because this is Guilin, Thailand.


Various views are all strange, long mountain ranges. Plenty of steep limestone hills and many small islets rising out of the water. amazing

The atmosphere and overall appearance of the scenery around the Sai Chol Raft House Resort are similar to other rafts. The raft will place the location of all accommodation rafts in a row similar to a C shape. facing east Behind the raft is a high mountain and a huge limestone cliff. As for the front of the raft, if you look through the water far away, it will be a tall mountain.

The atmosphere in the morning will see a white mist floating back and forth alternately on the mountain top. which can be seen from both the front and back of the raft It is a very fascinating atmosphere and nature.


  • Fan  room

  • En-suite bathroom

  • Check out no later than 9:00 am.

  • Electricity power supply 06.00pm. - 06.00 am.

  • There are some phone signals at some points, networks with AIS  signals.


Among the placid reservoir of Ratchaprapha, lie a number of Limestone Mountains spiking upwards into the bright skies of Khao Sok National Park. The graceful escarpments of various heights decorating the old-growth forest are considered as naturally heavenly as that of Guilin City in China.

Breath taking limestone mountains, caves and canyons covered by oldest evergreen rain forest in the world.

Whether you are taking a daily river canoe trip or staying in a floating bamboo raft house on Cheow Larn lake, near the Rathchaprapha Dam or trekking through the national park by foot.. or admiring the flora and fauna during an elephant nature trek, Khao Sok is a spectacular scenic experience not to be missed. 

Saichol Rafthouse Resort itself is also a raft that cares about forest and environmental conservation. which the raft will not focus on many unnecessary facilities because he wants tourists who visit to enjoy the beautiful nature of the Cheowlan Lake get a breath of fresh air that cannot be found in today's urban society Cheow Lan Dam Tourist Attractions near Saichol Rafthouse Resort  near Pakarang Cave located in the sea in 500 rai. It takes about 10 minutes to arrive from Saichol Rafthouse Resort to Pakarang Cave. Getting to the coral caves requires a bit of walking. And going to ride a raft in the sea in 500 rai, a little further will reach

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