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Floating House

Cheow Lan Lake in Surat Thani

Khao Sok Raft House & Float Resort, Khao Sok, Surat Thani Thailand

Phu Pha Waree  Here you can experience the moment of relaxation. In the midst of nature and fog, modern style house rafts with complete facilities. that will make your rest day recharge the power of nature as fully as possible


Phu Pha Waree Superior Floating Bungalows are superior bungalows on the lake for 2-3 persons.  Located in a quiet corner of the Western lake, Phu Pha Waree has air conditioned rooms, and even electricity throughout the evening. Take in the scenery of the small islands surrounding the raft house by kayak, or simply enjoy the view from your porch.  You’re bound to enjoy the amazing jungle surroundings!


Phupa Waree Floating House
These bungalows are located in Klong Wong, immediately adjacent to Klong Yee at the old tree tops floating bungalows location, but is now under new management.  This raft house is about one hour and fifteen minutes from the pier by longtail boat.  Klong Wong is an area of the lake known for having wide open spaces great for seeing sunrise and having many small islands.  This is the featured raft house for smaller groups visiting for a Khao Sok Lake Superior experience. 

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