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Raft House

Cheow Lan Lake- Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok Raft House & Float Resort, Khao Sok, Surat Thani Thailand

Phutawan Raft House is located on Cheow Lan Lake in Surat Thani province. It is surrounded by many towering limestone mountains in different shapes. The deep water of the lake and the green algae turn the color of the water emerald green. So the refreshing lake is truly a pleasant place for relaxation.

The outstanding feature of the floating raft houses of Phutawan Raft is that they have glass walls to provide a beautiful view of Cheow Lan Lake. Another good point is the food. Most dishes are based around freshwater fish caught from the lake. We can guarantee the freshness of the material and the tastiness of our food which is cooked in the southern style to match the environment. Both local and foreign tourists who stay at Phutawan are fascinated with the natural beauty and our friendly services.

Phutawan Raft House provides its guests with many facilities and services, such as boat tours, life jackets, and kayaks. The pure natural surroundings and the emerald green waters will make you want to swim.

  • Fan room

  • Shared bathrooms are separated on the shore. (no en-suite bathroom)

  • check out no later than 9:00 a.m.

  • Time to pay electricity 6.00 pm - 6.00 am hrs.

  • There are some phone signals at some points, networks with AIS  signals.


Phutawan Raft House Khao Sok
Putawan Raft House is conveniently located only 35 minutes from the Ratchaparraba Pier and boasts newly upgraded facilities. With both standard and deluxe rooms, it offers several different options to its visitors.  This raft house is not close to any hiking trails but has access to both Diamond Cave and the Klong Muy nature trail within 30 minutes by boat. It’s perfect for family vacations and romantic getaways alike. Because it is one of the newer raft houses and is privately owned, the restaurant offers a more diverse menu and a gift shop. It is also a local favorite, so don’t be surprised if the locals staying there teach you a little Thai!

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